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Volkswagen Crafter

Combining utility, versatility and comfort, the Volkswagen Crafter is designed to meet the needs of business customers effortlessly. Unafraid of a hard day’s work, the Crafter is innovative, creative and cuts a dominant figure out on the road. So, if you’re looking for a strong-willed companion to take your company to new heights, the Crafter is a top choice.​

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Discover the Volkswagen Crafter The Volkswagen Crafter comes in many different forms ranging from the competent Panel Van to the Single Cab and the electric e-Crafter which promotes eco-friendly driving. So, you’re sure to find the right model for your business needs.
Standout good looks Each and every model from the Crafter range has been sculpted to turn heads and make a positive impression. Sizeable alloys, beautiful paintwork and impressive contouring all combine together with modern lighting systems and Volkswagen branding to create unmissable aesthetics your customers will admire.
Practical and versatile The Crafter is the best in its class when it comes to load ability and space. The wide sliding doors reveal a high load compartment height of up to 2,196 mm and there’s enough room for shelving systems. With a wide range of payloads available, the Crafter is suitable for many different business types.
Technology and safety Volkswagen commercial vehicles are well-known for their advanced technology suites, with the Discover Media infotainment and navigation system available on selected models. You can also enjoy other benefits such as smartphone compatibility and Bluetooth while technology-enhanced safety includes everything from Rear Traffic Alert to Lane Keep Assist.